Testimonial from Beverly

Hey Dr Rubinstein:

Just want to touch base with you to let you know how I am faring and to thank you for your wonderful work !!

I am so very HAPPY with my new teeth ! I can’t stop looking at them, still, everyday, at any time during the day; I check them out in all kinds of light; I am constantly smiling at myself as a I pass by a mirror; people must think I’m crazy but I don’t care !! now I am happy to smile “real big”

Not only do I like the look but they feel like they did years and years ago before I started having all kinds of problems with my teeth; they feel sooo natural and light like you said they would; they look so real; even the colour blends throughout my whole mouth; I am so happy you convinced me to try the Captek crowns; they are well worth the extra cost

Even my bite feels better; I think I told you that the very first bridge I had over the anterior teeth was fine for a very long time until I started experiencing problems in other areas then everything seemed to fall apart including that bridge; but even as good as that bridge was at the beginning, it was never as good as what I have now; I still had a certain bit of occlusion difficulties especially when I had to have that bridge replaced; I was constantly banging on it; I don’t have problems with occlusion any more; I think that’s part of the reason I had bruxism so bad; I think I was subconsciously trying to correct my bite by trying to grind that thing right off ( hah, any excuse will do I guess, eh? ); I also find that everyday I am more aware of the relief I am feeling; before this, I was constantly sensitive to areas of pain and discomfort and I think this was largely due to my bite that just felt out of alignment which drove me a bit crazy because I was constantly rubbing my tongue over my teeth trying to figure out what was going on; I notice now that I can just forget about them and relax because they don’t bother me anymore

All areas that we worked on are calming down more and more everyday including that molar, the fang, at the back on the right which is a huge relief

I can’t wait to have the rest of the implants finished off with the crowns; then I can smile really, really big !! :)

I have been telling everyone who will listen that there is no need to be concerned about making a trip to Costa Rica for dental work and that, in fact, they would be wise to do so; in terms of the quality of work at a very low cost, compared to the cost in Canada, it can’t be beat; actually, my son mentioned to me that he had heard on the news recently that Costa Rica is fast becoming the place to go for Dental Tourism; I have had a lot of dental work over the past 30 years or more ( bridges, crowns, surgery, root canals, the works ) and I would say that the most professional and cost-effective work was done in Costa Rica at your office along with Dr Anglada as the Implantologist and Dr Hernandez as the Endodontist; I admit, as you already know, that I have a huge fear of having dental work; my fear of having dentures; however, far out-weighed my fear of seeing a dentist; I think it was a blessing that I was referred to you so that I could get the quality care that I was praying for and have my own teeth saved; a referral to you also took the guess work out of who to pick as my dentist; I’m glad it was you; and the bonus is being able to explore around Costa Rica !

Some people I know are not as concerned about their teeth as I was so, for me, this has been a huge deal; I have dreamed for years of having teeth like this so thank you, thank you, thank you !!

Thanks too for Sylvia and Paula for their friendly and kind treatment

PURE VIDA !!! :) :) :)

Beverly Smith





The perfect TEAM of dental specialists to achieve the smile you always dreamt of!
Dr. Rubinstein’s work is AMAZING! He gave me this great smile effortlessly and comfortably, his team is wonderfull, caring and really sensitive to your specific needs! Marisol Martinez, Costa Rican TV host and model